Daily Schedule

(subject to change)

The K4/K5 class will use a teacher created curriculum following a letter of the week theme.

8:45-8:55     Settle time/Morning activity

8:55-9:00     Announcements/Pledge of Allegiance

9:00-9:10     Calendar Time and Weather

9:10-9:30     Language Arts

                 *This time can include; phonics, letter of the week, writing the letter of the                          week, language development activities, language enrichment, poetry, plays and                    story time.

9:30-10:00     Art

10:00-10:30   Recess/Snack

10:30-10:45   Science

                   *God's plan for health, seeds, animals, the seashore, weather and seasons.

10:45-11:00   Music

                   *Favorite children's songs; nursery rhymes, Bible songs, etc..

11:00-11:15   Bible

                   *New Testament stories.

11:15-11:30   Show and Tell

                   *Students are welcome to bring in an item that begins with the letter of the                       week to share with the class.

11:30            Pack up for home

11:45            Pick up

Our K4/K5 class is designed for students who are ready to listen and follow directions, but not for a whole day.  5 year olds have the option of the half day preschool class or full day kindergarten class.

This class will not rotate to the different classes as the older students do.  The students will remain with one teacher who will provide similar experiences in an all inclusive classroom.  It is run similarly to a conventional preschool classroom.

K4/K5 Half Day Program

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