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The main goal of our K-8 program is to expose students to activities and situations that are difficult​​ to create at home.  We focus on group work, hands on activities and experiments that you may not want to do in your kitchen!  


Students are divided by age into 7 groups (determined based on enrollment).  Students rotate through art, music, physical education, Spanish, history enrichment and science enrichment.

Typical class breakdown is Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth, Seventh and Eighth.

New for the 2018-2019 school year-Kindergarten will not rotate with the older groups.  Kindergarten will have a homeroom teacher that can better adapt the lessons for that age group.  They will have the same 6 classes listed above, but in a more age appropriate and flexible environment.


1 student-$95
2 students-$180
3 students-$220
4 students-$260
5 students-$300


Fridays are an optional addition to our Wednesday program.  

Grades K-2 will have a home room teacher and a curriculum that reinforces early reading and math skills as well as fun enrichment topics similar to what the older grades are learning.

Grades 3-8 will be divided into two age groups.  The morning will consist of each group rotating through history and science.  During these class periods teachers will expound upon what was learned on Wednesday by providing more content, activities, quizzes, tests and grades.  The afternoon sessions will rotate through fun enrichment classes! We will start the school year with Science Fair, Sign Language, and Exploration (cooking, sewing, fire building, pinewood derby, etc.).  The tentative plan is for students to choose 2 of the above electives.  The ability to choose will depend on enrollment.  This is a first for us, so we are asking everyone to be patient as we work out these details!

Prices below include Wednesday and Friday:


1 student-$160
2 students-$300

3 students-$380
4 students-$460
5 students-$540

We will be using the Mystery of History Vol. 4 curriculum this year.  Since Mystery of History incorporates Biblical history, we will consider this our Bible curriculum as well.

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Our science curriculum is not finalized yet.  We are giving serious consideration to Apologia


K-8th Program