The main goal of our K-8 program is to expose students to activities and situations that are difficult​​ to create at home.  We focus on group work, hands on activities and experiments that you may not want to do in your kitchen!  

Grades 3-8

The students rotate through art, music, PE and Spanish, Social Studies and Science. Click the button below to learn more about individual classes.

Grades K-2

Our younger students rotate through art, music, PE and Spanish.  However, they have Social Studies, Science, lunch and recess with their homeroom teacher.  Click the button below to learn more about individual classes.

We will be using the Mystery of History Vol. 1 curriculum this year.  We will not be completing every aspect of the curriculum, but using it as a topic guide for activities and discussions.  This is our first year structuring our Social Studies this way, so we are not sure how quickly we will move through the curriculum.  I will send emails each week letting parents know where we are if you would like to use the same curriculum at home.  Students will not be required to buy the textbook for enrichment classes.  Since Mystery of History incorporates Biblical history, we will consider this our Bible curriculum as well.  Click the button below to learn more about Mystery of History.

Our science lessons are custom built by the teachers to meet the needs of the class.  The teachers use textbooks, idea books, experiment guides and online lesson plans to build units of study for the class.  Every class is different and every year is different!  There is always a focus on experimentation, hands on learning and group work.​​​

K-8th Program

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