Tuition is due 9 times during the school year. Due dates are the first class session of the following months:

Fall: September, October, November, December

Spring: January, February, March, April and May

There is a supply fee per semester, the fall supply fee is due with enrollment and the Spring supply fee is due in January.

Supply Fees  *per semester
$50 One Student
$100 2-3 students

​$150 4+ students

K4/K5 half day student supply fee is $50 for the year.  

K-12th Grade Tuition
One Student-$100 per month
Two Students-$190 per month
Three Students-$225 per month
Four Students-$275 per month

​Five Students-$325 per month

Six Students-$350 per month

K4/K5 Half Day Program Tuition

$50 per month per student (there is no sibling discount for this class)

How to Enroll

Complete online enrollment form and submit via the website.


* If you do not pay your fees online, your spot will be held once the enrollment form is received, you will need to mail a check (supply fees) within 7 days to solidify your spot for the school year.  Please make your check out to Legacy.

Supply Fees  *per semester
$50 One Student 
$100 2-3 students
​$150 4-5 students
K4/K5 half day student supply fee is $50 for the year.  

Please mail your check to:

Emily Paton
116 N. Clairborne Rd. Ste B
Olathe, KS 66062

Enrollment Information

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