Legacy Homeschool Enrichment Center

Building a legacy in knowledge and faith

Social Studies

Mrs. Davis


Classes meet on Wednesdays from Labor Day-Memorial Day in Olathe. 

We follow the Olathe district Schools calendar for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.


Our Physical Education classes have 2 goals; get the kids moving and engage them in team games.


A love and appreciation for all types of music is taught. Students produce a Christmas program first semester and focus on writing and performing music second semester.


Taught by Mrs. Winter

The goal of our art program is to go beyond arts and crafts and teach students skills that will carryover into any art they create.  We also include the study of artists and their work and give the students an opportunity to create their own works of art in the same method.

Our Teachers


Basic Spanish words and phrases are taught in a fun and engaging way!  No previous Spanish is necessary.


Mrs. Franzen