We are offering an additional afternoon of learning!  We will be offering Kansas State History and a creative writing class on Friday afternoons, for 8 weeks, beginning February 16th.  You do not have to be a current Legacy student to join us for this class!.

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"Legacy is the only program I would consider for my child. The personal care and attention provided by the teachers goes above and beyond. It's the perfect opportunity to interact with other homeschooled children and has been a major blessing for our family." -Lydia Phillips​

What People Are Saying...

​"This is our first year at Legacy after attending a different program. We are so grateful for the change and my children are very happy to come each week. All of the staff cares for each child and makes the whole community seem like an extension of our family. We have been more than impressed with the Art and Music program. The teachers have technical skills that have started new interests in my kids. The primary teachers come prepared each week and my children not only learn but are part of hands on experiments that would be more difficult to do in our home. The children treat each other kindly and my hearing impaired child fits in and is part of the group... what a relief for Mom and Dad."

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We offer enrichment in the following subjects

  • science
  • social studies
  • music
  • art
  • PE
  • Spanish
  • ​Preschool

Legacy Enrichment Center is a faith based enrichment program for homeschool students in grades K4-8th.  We believe and teach the Bible, nothing more and nothing less.  Our goal is to provide a place for students to connect, make friends, learn, have fun and develop a Biblical world view.

All the best parts of school!  Group work, class parties, hands on learning, field trips, Christmas programs and no homework!





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Legacy Homeschool Enrichment Center

Building a legacy in knowledge and faith